“When I polish my eBallz, my putter rises!”
– T.Woods, California

“My new eBallz are giving me an uncontrollable urge to spring for a new face lift.”
– J.Rivers, California

“eBallz have given my karma a most excellent tune-up!”
– Maharishi Mahavishnu, Tibet

“We really need lots of eBallz!”
– Various Chicago Sports Teams

“I am so happy with my eBallz, I don’t know whether to sh*t or go blind!”
– T. Blair, London

“Playing with my Super Fluffo bag makes my heart go pitty-pat”
– D. Cheney, D.C.

“eBallz have a really nice feel in your hands.”
– M. Lewinsky, D.C.

“Somehow it just seems like the world is a safer place since I got my eBallz.”
– G. Bush, D.C.

“But eBallz is supposed to be spelled with a ‘z’!”
– D. Quail, Indiana

“Testostopower is a very good thing!”
– H. Clinton, D.C.

The above testimonials may not be completely accurate. In fact, they probably aren’t accurate. OK, we’re lying!