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Solid Brass Balls

Buster Ballz

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solid brass balls
brass balls

Brass Balls brings you classy Brass Balls.
brass balls
daBallz, Buster Ballz, Trophy Ballz

Sales Managers love our classy brass balls for their power meetings!  Lawyers like 'em too for some peculiar reason. Mucho cajones. Brass Balls in a range of sizes and unique applications: nothing less than the best.
Chutzpah for every occasion!
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Brass hardware for the corporate world--just a classy gag gift to get your team going.


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Brass Balls Cocktail Recipe

a drink that will give you a Kick In The Balls

The Brass Monkey... Explained

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Contact Us About Our Brass Balls  Retailer Inquiries Welcome! for a classy gag gift 
We aim to provide only the best products and, to be honest, some of the classiest gag gifts you can find.  Give your friends some brass hardware! Our brass balls make great motivational gifts for sales teams and fun gifts for friends and family--great for bachelor and bachelorette parties too! You can have the velvet bags personalized with your company's logo. Please Let us know how we can serve your needs best!  And, just to get you in the mood, click here for the recipe for the Brass Balls cocktail drink, or for the Kick in the Balls cocktail drink. Finally, if you are having trouble getting to sleep, here is the alleged historic derivation of the term "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey."


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brass balls
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